Trail Reports

Status: Closed
Condition: Closed


All trails in La Crosse county are now closed due to warm temps and lack of snow, We hope to reopen as soon as the weather cooperates,

Status: Open
Condition: Fair

Trail Report

All trails in La Crosse County remain open at this time. Trail conditions vary from very good to some poor areas throughout the county. The wooded and North facing trails have plenty of snow and some high traffic and south facing trails do have some thin spots.

Due to expected warm temps and sunshine over the next few days some if not all trails will close at 7AM Sat. morning Feb.22. Please check here before you make any plans to ride. Please stay on the marked trails and do not ride on closed trails.

We now have GPS trackers in all four groomers. Go to the new GTS Trails App (Groomer Tracking Systems) on your phone to see which trails have been groomed in the past 24,48 or 96 hours in La Crosse County.

Status: Open
Condition: Good


All trails in LaCrosse County remain open and are in fair to good condition. All trails have been groomed at least once this week and most trails have been groomed more than once. Warmer temps and heavy traffic are predicted over the next few days and trail conditions could deteriorate rapidly.

Please ride safe and stay on the marked trails. We have over 200 landowners on approximately 150 miles of trail in La Crosse County. The two biggest complaints we have from these landowners are people riding off the marked trails and loud exhausts. Please remember this when you ride and be considerate of the landowners.